Is content marketing dominating our world?

Today, every entrepreneur wants to create more content every day to get eyeballs on their work. Because content brings awareness, rapport, and trust.

But if you’re a busy entrepreneur building your own thing, you don’t have the time like a full-time content marketer.

Not to mention thinking about what to share can feel like a heavy lift. You get tired. You don’t know if it is valuable. You are not good at writing in a way that intrigues people.

This can become a big cost for you:

  • No time: spending 2 hours just to write one piece of content
  • No strategy: all the content is scattered and not cohesive
  • No attention: no one cares about your content

If this is the case, I’d say forget content marketing. You want an easy way to come up with endless content to share every day. The magic is hidden in your own work.

You need to start building in public!
And this is what Easy Content Magic is about.

  • A short video course in 52 minutes
  • Get what you need and take action right away
  • No fluff. No theoretical talk 
  • Only step-by-step frameworks. 
  • Only concrete examples Not just lectures. I'll guide you through timed exercises (prepare your paper & pen)

Once you join the course, you’ll get:
4 Magic to make creating content easy 

  • The Daily Question - How to ask yourself the 1 question every day to spill out the right content to share 
  • The Un-boring Framework - 3 steps to break down your current project into shareable bite-sized content 
  • The Moving Baby - How to become a documentation master (even if you’re not consistent) 
  • The Emotional Bridge - 4 ways to write your opening line to excite and interest people

3 Curses (Anxiety, Loneliness, and Intimidation) everyone faces and how to reverse them


What did students say? Look right → 

This course is battle tested via a live workshop with amazing reviews:

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